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It doesn’t take long to work up a pool of sweat if you do them slowly.These will make your two legged squat workouts feel like a stroll through the park.Usually when we see someone squat and their knees go inward, it’s a good indicator that there is an imbalance of tight to weak muscles in their lower body.

There are multiple ways this can be accomplished, including changing the tempo, rest, sets, speed or leverage.

Another supper effective technique is progressing to single limb training.

Mark Sisson's recent post got me thinking about this idea.

In the past I've occaisionally pointed to Craig Ballantyne's material for decent basic workouts - e.g.

Fitness professionals, for the most part, are completely clueless about the inner workings of this amazing exercise. A one legged squat is squatting your entire bodyweight except only one leg…using only one leg. If you weigh 200 pounds that is 160 pounds of resistance verses 60 pounds of resistance.

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