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This development was, however, not prompted by political-ideological motives, but by the glorification of nature during the Enlightenment and by enthusiasm for the ideas of Jean-Jacques Rousseau.Peter Joseph Lenné is regarded as one of the most outstanding champions of the English landscaped garden.

He was promoted to director in 1824, and became Garden Director-General in 1854. His main works include the parks in Sanssoucis, the Pfaueninsel (peacock island), the castle gardens at Charlottenhof, and the Berlin zoo. The small park created behind the Kurhaus by Maximilian Friedrich Weyhe in 1843 was separated from the area where the springs were located by a meadow plain with a cheerfully rippling stream.

He created a large number of public and private parks in Berlin and Potsdam, including "Volkparks" (public parks) in Leipzig, Dresden, Lübeck, Cologne, Munich and Vienna. In 1852, this meadow plain was slated for landscape development to meet the needs of the growing number of spa guests. He came to Homburg several times, and, by 1854 already, the "heart" of the new Kurpark was finished, the section between the Promenade, what is now Schwedenpfad, Paul-Ehrlich-Weg and Kisseleffstrasse.

Because it has been lovingly cared for and tended for more than 150 years.

Because it is the only park outside the area of Berlin and Potsdam that was designed by Lenné that is still largely in its original state.

It was, admittedly, not the sign of a new fashion, but rather the reflection of a new liberal view of the world that aimed to counter the rigid shapes of absolutism; it was the age of Enlightenment.

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