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Ich bin Rüdi 45 Jahre alt und suche für die oben genannte Zeit für Abends eine Frau die wie ich Lust hat sich zu Treffen und ein paar Stunden Spaß haben möchte.

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The first regular schools of the Sisters were opened in August 1806, with a rush of students.

The urgent need of Christian education among all classes of society in France at the time, led the foundresses to modify their original plan of teaching only the poor and to open schools for the children of the rich also. Julie's educational system was to use revenue from the Institute's academies to defray expenses at the free schools.

During her generalate the institute passed through the most critical period of its existence, due to the persecution of religious institutes by William of Orange-Nassau, King of the Netherlands.

Some of the measures adopted to harass and destroy all teaching institutes were to compel them to remain in status quo, to hold diplomas obtained only after rigid examinations in Dutch and French by state officials, and to furnish lengthy accounts regarding convents, schools, finances, and subjects. Joseph's tact and zeal for souls saved the institute.

Ich küsse und lecke gerne und..WICHTIG: Da ich als Mutter keine Telefonate dieser Art entgegen nehmen kann, SCHREIB MIR EINE EMAIL, EMAILS KOMMEN DIREKT AUF MEIN HANDY!

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