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Her and Taylor's hit single, "Girl in a Country Song," is a criticism of the "bro-country trend." The song peaked at #4 on the US Country singles chart and #1 on the US Country Airplay singles chart.

I've noted the date of the next one." I'm delighted that both of my friends got on well with a lovely lady and a handsome chap - with contact information being exchanged.

We're all glad we made the journey and would be keen to come to another such event in the future." "My guest was like a lovestruck teenager!

Thanks again." "I thought last night was great – it had such a buzz.

I really enjoyed meeting some more local people as well as people from outside the area. I thought you did brilliantly for a wet Monday in October! " "To be honest, I was dreading last night but it was much better than I thought it would be!

Jim Day and Pete Sinclair, both with many years experience of DJing in bars clubs and radio stations as well as many reputable weekenders, present Soul Fusion every Thursday.

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