Saa single action army

Some necessary changes include the absence of the firing pin from the face of the hammer, and the handpiece that engages the ratchets on the rear of the cylinder has a different shape.

There is no separate hardened firing pin bushing around the pin hole in the firewall of the frame.

But Colt has at last moved decisively to rectify this situation.

First announced at the January 1998 SHOT Show and now finally in production, the Colt Cowboy single-action revolver is specifically designed for the cowboy action competitor, Colt collector, and casual recreational shooter.

The artificial “case-hard” finish on the frame closely resembles the appearance of true casehardened steel, and while the satin blue finish on the grip frame, the cylinder, and the barrel is not as high polish as the original, its overall effect is the same. One of the SAA’s strengths has always been the low number of parts used in its construction, and Colt has been successful from an engineering point of view in incorporating the transfer bar ignition with a minimum design disruption and minimum additional parts.

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