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Of course, you can participate in the online community in other ways though! What Armenians are against is the allowing for a culture that exploits people whose minds aren't fully developed and mature.

Yes, there is a population that is born a certain way but I think culture has a lot to do with it and Armenians don't want to promote such a culture. Do you know that young boys in Thailand are often lured into prostitution and given hormones since there is profit to be made from them?

The 22-year-old Spaniard has ridden out of his skin to claim second place in the last two races. In the past Brad Pitt, Adrian Brody, Pamela Anderson and Ewan Mc Gregor have all made an appearance at Laguna.

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This year, it wouldn't surprise me to see Barack Obama swap the West Wing for the pit lane and swap thoughts of the Middle East for discussions about rear-end grip.

Which, of course, is James Toseland's new specialist subject.

But to reach 100 wins, as Valentino Rossi did last week in the Dutch GP in Assen, is truly extraordinary.

Only Giacomo Agostini, who Rossi humbly refers to as "still the greatest", has more with 122 victories.

Who here is promoting child prostitution and giving young males hormones for profit or exploiting young people? They think that it's satanic, and that you will burn in hell forever if you remain living gay.

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