Dating 50 Ringsted

Only a few points, as Gyldenloeveshoei on Zealand, Aborrebjerg on Möen and Froebjerg on Fünen, rise to a height of 400 feet and more. The high plateau that crosses it in a northerly direction slopes abruptly down towards the east.

The language of the common people is divided into a number of strikingly divergent dialects.

Nearly all of the population (981/2 per cent) belong officially to the Evangelical Lutheran Church, which, as the Established Church, enjoys Government support.

Walnuts and mulberries ripen in due season, and in some places juicy grapes ripen on trellises.

The flora of Denmark, with its 1500 species of wild-growing plants, is quite extensive but the same cannot be said of its fauna.

There is no lack of libraries, art collections, and collections of antiquities, nor of literary and artistic societies with ideal aims.

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