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According to the most recent figures of the Danish National Centre for Social Research, published in 2011, there are around 3,200 sex workers in Denmark, including around 600 street prostitutes, the majority of whom are foreign.Every sixth man in Denmark has purchased sex and the more than 400 bordellos in the country turn over 1.2 billion kroner a year, according to statistics from Danmarks Statistik.

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This "friendly old girl of a town" is big enough to be a metropolis with shopping, culture and nightlife par excellence, yet still small enough to be intimate, safe and easy to navigate.

Prior to 1999, a person was permitted to engage in sex work only if prostitution was not his or her main source of income.

Also, the age of consent in Denmark is 15 years, but is 18 years for anyone wishing to undertake or purchase sex work.

The Danish police have a special "morality" unit (sædelighedspolitiet) to enforce the state's prostitution laws.

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