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The actress filed papers to end their two-year marriage on Oct.

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Berry was rumored to be involved with Snipes after working on Spike Lee’s “Jungle Fever.” Snipes was pinned by the gossip mill as the person who physically abused her, though the actress has remained mum on the topic.

Williams was a handsome R&B star who later allegedly hit Berry — though he vehemently denied it.

But our source said that the singer is trying to “keep his personal life on the DL for now” — so even if he does find “true love” with Halle, we may not know that until his 50th birthday anyway! Kelly does fall in love with Halle (despite their nearly 40-year age difference), it wouldn’t be the first time he found love with a much younger girl.

He had a controversial relationship with the late singer Aaliyah back in the ’90s, secretly — but illegally — marrying her when she was just 15 years old and he was 27.

It seems like the single life is treating Halle Berry well. News has learned that the actress, who recently split from husband Olivier Martinez, "is in a very peaceful and happy place at this time," according to a source, and although it's not hard to believe that men are probably flocking to the gorgeous celeb, we're told that while Berry is dating "here and there," she "is just taking a step back from being in another serious relationship for a while."The insider tells us, "She hasn't gotten into another relationship since her breakup but she has been talking to a few people very lightly and going out when she has time. She has a positive outlook on life."Speaking of her children, Nahla and Maceo, the source tells E!

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