Dating i danmark Ringsted

Bendt's is a church in Ringsted, Denmark, which was originally part of a Benedictine monastery that burnt down in the 18th century. In 1157, Saint Canute Lavard's bones were moved into a new chapel in the church with the approval of St. Many miracles were said to have occurred there and the church immediately became a popular site for pilgrimages.Built in the Romanesque style, it is the oldest brick church in Scandinavia, During comprehensive restoration work at the beginning of the 20th century, the foundations of the former travertine church (1080) were revealed, indicating that the older nave was approximately the same length as today's. With the funds raised from the pilgrims and thanks to Valdemar's royal patronage, the abbey church was expanded and, in 1170, was dedicated with great ceremony to Benedict of Nursia.Of particular note are the frescos of Erik IV, also known as Erik Ploughpenny for the unpopular taxes he imposed on ploughs.

Canute, enshrined but, also a devil statue erected in his honor and above all, to have his seven-year-old son Canute crowned and appointed by the archbishop in order to ensure the succession.

The church formed the north wing of a large monastery, probably built at the same time as the church.

Large-scale restoration work was carried out between 18 by the Danish architect H. Storck who set out to restore the church to its former Romanesque style.

It was the first time such extensive restoration work had been carried out in Denmark.

The architectural style indicates Lombard influence, possibly because the Benedictines brought Lombard builders to Denmark.

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