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As a result of the police action only very few dare to join.

1961 Folketinget (the Danish Parliament) enacts “Den Grimme Lov” (“The Ugly Law”) which criminalises relations with male “prostitutes” aged under 21, and the payment in question need be no more than a packet of cigarettes or money for a taxi home.

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This is the English language part of the website of LGBT Denmark – The Danish National Organization for Gay Men, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Transgender persons.

Founded as early as 1948, LGBT Denmark is the main Danish LGBT rights organisation.

It wasn’t until 1933 that sex between adult men (aged over 18/21) was de-criminalised.

The history of LGBT in Denmark for each decade can be read about below. John’s Eve – a mid-summer festival celebrated throughout Denmark), so June 23, 1948, is regarded as the date of foundation.

The editor is Helmer Fogedgaard located in Rudkøbing and using the pseudonym Homophilos.

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