Gratis casual dating Bremerhaven Filson single tin chaps

The Americans, for their part, are much more upfront about things.

Some treat it like job-seeking, sending their CVs and attending interviews at multiple companies until they find the job with the exact right kind of canteen coffee and benefits.

Nothing personal if you have a cafetiere; it’s just they’re more of a Nespresso person.

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Some apologise for disappearing into thin air, expressing remorse that they didn’t play nicer (one in particular offered the following explanation, as though it were meant to make things all better: “It’s just that I’m a bit light in the cojones department.” Jog on, bro).

Others are more barefaced with that, knowing that in times past, their single-word text (‘’Sup’) was like a flame to my helpless, idiotic moth.

In terms of dating etiquette, it’s up there with spitting in the soup.

Fine, I get it, you want to keep your options open.

The whole seeing-multiple-people-until-someone-brings-up-exclusivity is something we appear to be fine with.

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