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Fredericia was designed and built in 1650 by Frederick III as the principal fortress for Jutland.When the city was built, the King gave certain privileges to the city such a freedom of religion and asylum, giving the city a unique diversity (in comparison with the rest of the country) that is still visible today.

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In 1849 the Danes defeated the Prussians at Fredericia.

The fortress was closed in 1909, and the city's modern development began.

In 1916, Ole Kirk Christiansen, who would later found LEGO, bought a Billund furniture company that was founded in 1895.

He invested in the town, creating a new dairy and the Skjoldbjerg church.

Taulov, located halfway between Fredericia and Kolding, is the main village of a parish that historically was home to a local vassal, making it the administrative center of the area known as Elbo Herred.

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