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The newly-built eight-storey office building with a gross usable floor area of approx.

5,226 square metres sets accents in various respects.

Erected in the reinforced concrete frame style, the building has a highly heat-insulated, self-supporting curtain wall, a solution that is unprecedented in Germany in terms of the square window frames, which have been formed out of pure limestone with the help of a special 5-axis machining technique and which are up to three metres long – a length that so far has only been possible with the help of pre-cast concrete parts.

The façade has no less than 60 cubic metres of massive natural stone weighing 116 tonnes.

AST-Air Sea Truck International Gmb H, Frankfurt / Main was founded on November 1st 1983 by Dieter Seubert, Armin Schikowsky, Ulrike Lukas and Franz Georg Bär ( former Fidi president ).

Our aim is to offer to our customers the best possible services, consultancy to the customers in advance to guarantee optimum efficiancy in transportation.

building designed by TEK TO NIK is located at the heart of the financial district of Frankfurt.

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