Single wohnung herne - Kæreste Middelfart

This is due to the fact that the system allows for better use of alternative supply sources, i.e.

kæreste Middelfart-70

The system is partly self-regulating as water for heating and/or cooling is circulated with a temperature only a few degrees from the desired room temperature, and this is the key to the large energy savings.

In addition to energy savings the capital costs were lower due to the reduced needs for cooling and heating.

The method is based upon pre-fabricated concrete decks with embedded plastic pipes.

Large Energy Savings With these thermoactive concrete elements it is possible to reduce the energy consumption for heating by 30 percent and the energy consumption for cooling and mechanical ventilation by up to 85 percent; in total, an energy saving of 30-50 percent.

Six ‘shooting star’ kaleidoscopes inspired by the triangular geometry of the building are lowered into the ground floor granite adding an extra dimension to the structure.

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