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The Rigel 266 was and continues to be the world's most compact full IEC 60601-1 Electrical Medical Safety Analyser.Rigel continues its product development with the introduction of a new ventilator tester and electro surgical analyser, the Rigel 377 with colour user-interface and fast testing options, making testing of diathermy machines faster, easier and safer.

The company's established reputation for product innovation and technical expertise reflects its knowledge and understanding of the market and ensures the superiority of its products.

The fully configurable biomed test kit will ensure test equipment is securely, easily and safely transported to and from the test site.

Experts successfully defused a five-ton WWII bomb in Düsseldorf on Thursday after its discovery prompted the evacuation of 8,000 people.

Authorities shut down a major motorway, air traffic from Düsseldorf airport as well as railway lines.

Designed by the Liverpool Hospital University, rigel launched the world's first IEC 601 electrical safety analyser, known as the Rigel 8001 Liverpool Safety Tester.

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