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(During this period, Victor's parents, Alphonse and Caroline, take in yet another orphan, Justine Moritz, who becomes William's nanny.) Weeks before he leaves for the University of Ingolstadt in Germany, his mother dies of scarlet fever; Victor buries himself in his experiments to deal with the grief.

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Speaking to Victor Frankenstein, the wretch refers to himself as "the Adam of your labours", and elsewhere as someone who "would have" been "your Adam", but is instead "your fallen angel" (which ties to Lucifer in Paradise Lost, which the monster reads, and relates to the "modern" Prometheus of the book's subtitle).

Frankenstein is written in the form of a frame story that starts with Captain Robert Walton writing letters to his sister.

For the characters, see Victor Frankenstein and Frankenstein's monster.

For the historic German castles and other uses, see Frankenstein (disambiguation).

A few hours later, the crew rescues a nearly frozen and emaciated man named Victor Frankenstein.

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