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Wählen Sie im Auftrag einfach Ihr neues Kontomodell aus und die Umstellung wird zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt vorgenommen.

New structures, designs, colours and mouvement mixed together setting up this new product: K2O.

K2O is the new sliding door of KRONA KOBLENZ: the system where design and elegance are exalted by the structural technology and by the technical solutions which characterise this new product.

The adjustments can be carried out on the track thanks to the perforations which allow a precise and rapid alignment.

Once finished the adjustment, the track is covered by a satin chrome panel, which hides the holes and exalts the minimalist design of the system.

Wählen Sie selbst, an welche Adresse die Benachrichtigung verschickt werden soll.

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