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The kind of Bachelor's degree depends on the thematic orientation of the corresponding subjects The corresponding subject examination regulations, which can be accessed on the Department of Student Affairs' website, form the legal basis for each single-subject Bachelor's program at Johannes Gutenberg University.

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The only exception is the degree program in Jazz and Popular Music, which normally takes 8 semesters to complete.

To successfully complete a 6-semester Bachelor's degree program, students must obtain a total of 180 credit points (CP), which are distributed differently according to each subject across compulsory modules, elective modules, possible internships and a Bachelor's thesis.

The required foreign language skills are specified in the respective examination regulations for the subject.

The courses and practical components for the Bachelor's degree are offered in the form of modules.

The module examinations can take the form of oral examinations, tests, other forms of written work, or other examinations.

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