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Based in Denmark, Eagle Burgmann Expansion Joint Solutions is represented throughout the world by parent company, Eagle Burgmann Group; with subsidiaries in India, Singapore and the US as well as an extensive network of partners, agents and distributors to support the rest of the world.

Eagle Burgmann is one of the worldwide leading providers of industrial sealing technology.

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Eagle Burgmann Expansion Joint Solutions are installed in thousands of applications worldwide.

Whether it is air, gas, petrochemicals or water, our expansion joints are designed to provide maximum reliability and safety.

Our product portfolio includes everything from mechanical seals and seal supply systems to magnetic couplings, carbon floating ring seals, expansion joints, and gaskets and packings as well as comprehensive services.

Since we are part of the German Freudenberg and Japanese EKK group, we have all the necessary resources for a firmly based reliable partnership.

Close to 6,000 employees provide their ideas, solutions, and commitment so that customers can rely on our sealing technology.

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